World cup Alanya 28/09

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Due to a big storm the day before the race, the ITU members decided to replace the pontoon start in a beach start. 

The day of the race it was hot and humid in Turkey.

The start was given at 2 p.m and I directly took a good start, which allowed me to be in front of the group during the first 200m.

LIke always at the first buoy, a big fight took place between the athletes. I succeeded to pass the two bouy without too many troubles.

After lap 1 (750m) the gap with the big swimmers (russians and french) was about 15 seconds, in the second lap I succeeded to keep the same gap.

This meant that I realised a very good swim and after 2k on the bike I was with the lead group of 40 men.

On the bike they didn't ride very fast, so everybody was trying to hydrate well and save up some energy for the run.

After 55 minutes on the bike for 40k, we came back in transition 2. After a quick transition, I began to run with the race leaders.

I ran 2.5k with these guys,but than I had to drop the pace.

I ran 5 k with a group, who were fighting for a spot in the top 20, but unfortunately I lost some places in the last lap; due to stomach problems.

In the sprint with 5 athletes I finished 25th in 1h 47min 47

This is my best world cup result, but I am a bit dissapointed.

I would like to thank the whole belgian team for the nice athmosphere during the trip!

Next race will be my last race of the seaon. World cup in Colombia.

I start to feel a bit tired after a season that started in february for me.

Despite that, I am very excited to finish well season 2014!       




Video of the race :                 




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