World Cup Cartagena (Colombia) 12/10

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This weekend means the end of my season. My start number is 54, this stands for a strong participation field.

The season was very long, it all started in South Africa mid-February.

Mentally I’m still top and I hope to end the year with a climax.

To acclimatise to the time difference of 7 hours, the Belgian team left Zaventem already Monday morning for a trip of 24 hours.

First we flew to Lisbon (about 2 hours), then a 10 hour flight to Bogota, to finally arrive in Cartagena 24 hours later.

I start to get used to long travels, but you may wonder what I do during a long journey?

I call this my “travel modus” ie sleeping, eating, having fun with the Belgian team and of course studying a bit for school…

Around 10 pm we finally arrive at the hotel (5 am Belgian time).

During the flight,  I avoided to fall asleep, so I could spend a quiet normal night.

The following morning we enjoyed the breakfast (buffet), although we didn’t trust this completely.

The quality of the food looks ok, but I avoid to eat raw stuff.

After breakfast we have been looking for a swimming pool, but this is not so easy, as we only found the swimming pools of the hotels so far.

The sea is the only option, but luckily I don’t have to swim alone in the Caribbean Sea…

In the afternoon I went for a run, whilst Katrien went biking.

The weather conditions: very hot and humid.  The temperature feels like 40 degrees. 

Lucky me! And interesting for Sunday!

Hereafter you may enjoy a promotional video, as well as the start list of Cartagena.

See you soon!



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