World cup Colombia

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My last race of the season took place in Colombia in Cartagena de Indias.

I was really motivated to perform well.

The days before the race were not as expected.

The whole week, we had to complete our swim sessions in the sea.

My swim skills decrease a lot during openwater sessions, but we couldn't find an alternative.

The only 25 m pool in Cartagena wasn't availaible for the athletes ( except if we paid 70 dollar per person).

Most athletes stayed in Mexico (Cozumel), where a world cup race took place one week before. The training facilities in Cozumel appaered to be much better than in Cartagena.

Besides it was very dangerous to cycle, especially the taxi drivers who didn't care for the athletes. In addition the streets were flooded every day.

Normally i eat a Gatosport the day of the race. For those who don't know Gatosport, it's an enrgising breakfast, easy to prepare.  You only need to put the powder with some warter in the oven for 30 minutes.  Unfortuneately the Columbians don't speak Englsih and apparently my Spanish is not good enough. In stead of my Gatosport, I received a nice sweet qnd greasy birthday cake;  So the morning of the race, at 5.30, I had breakfast with the french guys; as the restaurant was not open yet.

The start was given at 9.30 and I immediately took a good start.

There, where in Alanya I directly could swim in the feet of other athletes, here I was drowned at the first buoy and never could come into my pace.

I lost a lot of time on the first swimmers and came out of the water too far.

You can definitely not win the race during the swim, but you can certqinly lose him there.

My biking group didn't ride well together and we lost more time on the pelotons before us.

During the bike stage it began to storm, I never saw such a storm, hael, rain, wind and this in Colombia (luckily it was still very hot)

The roads were flooded and at certain places on the course there were spots of 10 cm of water.

It even become very dangerous and this is why some athletes prefer to retire.

The positive thing about the storm was, that it wasn't as hot as before.

I did a fair run, 31.40 on 10k.

I finished as 44th, certainly not the result I was hoping for and with this result I don't score points for the world ranking. A bit disappointing!

I would like to congratulate Katrien for here 3rd place at the women's race.

Thanks to all the people who supported me during this season!

Thanks to the coaches, family, pysio, friends... who supported me this year.

Soon I will make up the balance of this season!







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